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The company, Borneo Rainforest Vanilla Sdn Bhd is the pioneer in commercial cultivation
of niche crops in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Since the company’s venture into vanilla in 2007, it is also involved actively and aggressively into the cultivation of two other very high value niche agricultural and forestry plants namely, Stevia and Aquilaria tree. Besides the commercial cultivation of these three main crops, we also have supporting facilities such as nurseries for seedlings production and field research centres for conducting research on these three and other crops. These supporting facilities are essential not only to support us but also our contract farmers. BRVSB also had vanilla, Aquilaria and stevia farms in West Malaysia grown jointly with other companies. BRVSB is also the exclusive agency of Vanilla Biomatrix Sdn Bhd for the production and sale of vanilla planting materials in Sarawak. Both companies also formed strategic partnership in assisting farmers who participate in VBSB Product Buy-back Guarantee Scheme which guarantees market and lucrative prices for the products of our planters.