Borneo Rainforest Vanilla
Sarawak's First Accredited Vanilla Nursery


  1. Quarantine and Nursery Centres.

Borneo Rainforest Vanilla Sdn Bhd has already established two quarantine and nursery centres in Sarawak – one in Miri and another in Kuching – in order to serve our clients effectively. All the quarantine and nursery centres were built according to official specification and regulations and have been approved by the Department of Agriculture Sarawak. Each nursery can accommodate up to 55,000 vanilla seedlings at any one time. Together we can stock 110,000 seedlings at any one time throughout the State to cater for our own and demands from the public.

Our nursery in Miri is also producing seedlings for stevia, the herb from which the zero-calorie sweetener is produced. This nursery can hold 50,000 seedlings at any time although seedlings will only be produced upon confirmed order from clients. Our nursery in Miri is the first and only nursery for stevia in Sarawak to date.  We also supply planting materials for those interested in planting Aquilaria (karas / gaharu) trees. 


We work closely with our industrial partners and relevant government authorities including institute of higher learning and research in Malaysia in order to produce highest quality and healthy vanilla, stevia and Aquilaria tree planting materials. This is consistent with our objective of producing sufficient vanilla seedlings bred under safe and controlled environment so that its cultivation is not harmful to the local environment. Health and safety of our local environment is given prime consideration in our industrial pursuits.

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  1. Model and Demo-Farm and Field Research Centre

We have demo-farm site at every nursery centres for demonstrating to and educate our registered planters about vanilla, stevia and Aquilaria cultivation and maintenance.

The company had also set up a field research centre for all three crops at our main farm – Everland – to conduct research on the best methods and systems of cultivating and maintaining all three and other future crops. The company is prepared to discus the possibility of collaborating with committed universities and research institute in research on vanilla, stevia and Aquilaria.

Picture of a section of our vanilla farm in Everland – Farming with destruction of the forest – the beauty of vanilla cultivation


2 Years old vanilla at Everland                        Two years old Aquilaria trees


10 days old stevia plant                                    A section of our stevia farm

  1. Our Farms

Currently BRVSB has three farms which had been and are still being cultivated with all three crops. Our main farm, named as Everland, and another, are located at Lapok in the Miri Division of Sarawak. The third farm is located at Belaga in the Seventh Division of Sarawak.

The company plans to plant not less than 30 acres (60,000 vines) of vanilla, 15 acres (150,000 plants) of stevia and 80 acres (50,000 plants) of Aquilaria trees before end of 2011.